Braciole, Meatballs, AND Stuffed Peppers - Joe's Cellar Style! / Saturday, October 27 12:30pm - 2:30pm

$ 50.00

Learn how to make a true Italian feast! 

In our family, Sundays meant pasta served with one or all of these three amazing sides.   

In this class, I will demonstrate the preparation of each, then YOU will sit back & enjoy all the eats with a plate of pasta just like we still do at the Scida's! 

Braciole - This same dish in Italy is known as Involtini di Manzo, involtini meaning “little bundles”.  This can be made many ways, and usually depends upon the family's tradition.  

We use top round and roll it with with grated Parmesan, provolone, parsley, bread crumbs, and diced egg.  Then we slow simmer it in our house marinara sauce.  

Meatballs - we make our own breadcrumbs, and add a slight spin to the way we cook ours and enjoy, smothered in our homemade marinara.  

Stuffed Peppers - not your mom's stuffed peppers!  MY mom's stuffed peppers.  We use banana peppers, stuffed with our meatball mix, baked guessed it.  Our homemade marinara!!

We hope to see you in class!